Our Mission

"After the great depression and the Second World War, people such as ourselves from working class families began to hope that jobs, housing and education would be available for all, but it would seem that the cold war and the hot wars around the world subverted those dreams.

Today there are increasing numbers of very poor people and by contrast a small percentage of people who are richer than some nations. There is no need for this, we could house cloth and feed all of humanity if the wealth was shared equitably and we practiced population control.

Even in wealthy countries like Canada and the US many full time workers live below the poverty line. Extreme poverty and homelessness have become a normal part of our landscape.

The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund, which was established by Michael Goodman, hopes to make a contribution by assisting those organizations who are working to create a more just and equitable world.

Michael, who has always had a strong interest in social justice specialized in communications and education, believes it is best way to effect the social discourse. He is carrying on the work begun by my husband Henry, myself, and many others who have come before and dreamed of a better world for all. Our idea of giving back and Essential Idea are our manifestation of carrying on the many fights we took on in my prime.

To Michael and all of you I say: "Question authority and change the world, it desperately needs it. Don’t be lead like sheeps to the slaughter."

Ruth Goodman


"The Fund supports organizations committed to social equality and ecological sustainability"


The David Suzuki Foundation

"The David Suzuki Foundation would like to thank the Ruth & Henry Goodman Fund for their ongoing contribution to a sustainable future for all Canadians. They are among the Foundation’s earliest donors, supporting our fight to achieve a high quality of life without diminishing the natural capital that provides us with clean air, water, and healthy food."


Lawyers' Rights Watch Canada

"The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund was one of the first contributors to LRWC’s project to improve international human rights and humanitarian law enforcement through public education.

Michael Goodman enthusiastically shared the vision that “human rights education constitutes an essential contribution to the long-term prevention of human rights abuses and represents an important investment in the endeavour to achieve a just society in which all human rights of all persons are valued and respected."

The success of the first 4-lecture series—seen by thousands of people in the classroom, online and on television--confirms the need to develop a Centre for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law that provides ongoing free public education. LRWC is grateful for the generous contribution from the Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund and for the manner in which it was given. “ Gail Davidson, Executive Director


Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives

The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund has been a very generous contributor to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The Goodman Fund has provided a general operating grant for the CCPA’s BC office, and contributed to our new Climate Justice Project.

Best of all, it has been unsolicited and given with no strings or obligations or reporting requirements. Flexible contributions like this to non-profits like the CCPA are invaluable, as they directly support capacity-building and new initiatives.- Seth Klein, BC Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives


Pivot Legal Society

"The Ruth and Henry Goodman Fund has been a generous supporter of Pivot since the summer of 2006. Over the last two years, we have developed a very close relationship with the fund based on a shared passion for progressive social change. The Goodman Fund has supported our Sex Work Law Reform Project and recently contributed to the development of our Jane Doe Project which aims to provide holistic legal resources to women who have experienced violence.

We appreciate the openness of the Goodman Fund to support cutting-edge legal projects as well as the straight-forward, personal and engaged approach taken in discussing grants."

Peter Wrinch, Director of Business and Development, Pivot Legal Society

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